Review of purchasing performance in a hotel group, Paris, France

Review of purchasing performance in a hotel group, Paris, France

A hotel group wanted to optimize its operations in order to improve the performance and profitability of its establishments. Its various hotels managed their own direct and indirect purchases independently. The hotel group was obviously looking for excellence without compromising the quality of its services.

Our approach
Our method started with an analysis of purchasing costs by typology, determining volumes, frequency, etc. as well as the description of existing purchasing processes and operational constraints.

We then carried out a benchmark against similar activities to provide our client with anticipated results from the optimizations we had identified.

After validating our Client’s interest, we proposed a new operating model and a project to transform the purchasing function.

Added value generated
The transformation project was carried out, requiring the training of existing staff members, the implementation of procedures and a centralized IT system among the hotels for optimized stock management and cost transparency.

Staff members were freed from procurement tasks to focus on hotel management and their original assignments. The net gain after a full year was 24%, including the costs of the structure.