Strategic, Independent, Dedicated

We do not view hospitality advisory as a static process driven by standardized products and solutions, but as a partnership focused on the client’s needs and objectives.We pride ourselves in providing an unparalleled combination of strategic advisory, a wealth of experience as well as a strong execution and management capabilities. The capacity to understand the execution problematics of any hotel development / extension / repositioning project is essential in defining realistic and efficient recommendations.

Our knowledge in orchestrating and managing all parties involved throughout these projects allows our Client to avoid unnecessary complexity by bringing a simple and clear vision, to take the most appropriate and enlightened decisions. Sentinel Hospitality assignments are treated with the highest standards of Ethics and Confidentiality.


  • Appraisal Review
  • Best use assessment
  • Acquisition Due Diligence
  • Disposition Services
  • Litigation Support

We provide customized and sophisticated advice to owners, investors, and lenders on equity and debt decisions, and support clients in the most critical issues throughout the ownership life cycle of hospitality and real estate assets.
We offer a full range of advisory services, including new development, facility programming, acquisition, underwriting and due diligence, management and franchise selection and agreement negotiations, operational assessments, buy/hold analysis, renovation and repositioning analysis, and refinancing and dispositions. We provide unbiased, fact-based support for your most important business and investment decisions.
We carefully study each assignment before proposing the team of experts who will accompany our Client throughout the project.
Our experts are freed from the internal management problems of large firms and can devote themselves 100% to your issues.
Sentinel Hospitality ensures that its interests are perfectly aligned with the strategy of its clients.



  • Brand and Operator Selection and Contract Negotiation
  • Operational Reviews
  • Labour Efficiency
  • F&B Profitability

We help our clients identify valuable sources of additional revenue potential and improve productivity and material costs.
We support our clients in the implementation of a strategy by deploying performance indicators linked to their annual budget. Our philosophy of performance management focuses on ensuring that all stakeholders develop converging interests with our client’s strategy.
Through the application of industry best practices and customized tools, our multi-disciplinary team works side-by-side with your teams to identify and implement processes, forecasting, and productivity enhancements.  The results go beyond management and hourly labour, benchmarking other department costs, and bidding service contracts to also include a full and complete review of non-rooms revenue, menu engineering, and hours of operation analysis.
While most often retained by owners, we change the way that hospitality managers operate and utilize data at every level of the organization to enhance owner returns. Through building tools for managers with the most relevant data, we make it easy for a manager to better forecast and measure operational efficiency, so our installed process changes is adopted.

Sentinel Hospitality guarantees that your project will be completed on time and on budget. From the initial vision to the execution of your project, we make the necessary trade-offs to ensure that your vision and your time and profitability constraints are respected. We promote the adherence of all stakeholders and intervene to deal with conflicts of interest that are the main source of operational underperformance or delays and slip-ups observed in most hotel projects.








Unbiased advice: Sentinel Hospitality is regulated by RICS. Our recognized independence guarantees that the only interests at stake throughout our recommendation remain the Client’s interests. Our assignments are conducted under the highest ethical and confidentiality as per RICS standards.

Extensive knowledge of the Hotel Life Cycle: we have been involved in all aspects of hotel’s life cycle from acquisition/ project development to disposal/re-financing. Such knowledge will enable our team to include all these aspects of the asset in our strategic approach thus insuring the Client of the completeness and realism of the proposed solutions.

Senior expertise throughout the process: each assignment is overseen by a seasoned project manager with a direct involvement at each stage. The professional expertise of our Project Managers covers hospitality, real estate, and law.