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Sentinel Hospitality introduces its infographic dedicated to the 5* segment of the Parisian hotel industry

The 5-star offer recorded an exceptional increase of +20% over a 5-year period.    Given the increase in demand and the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic, the occupancy rate will remain under pressure in the run-up to the Olympic Games. The occupancy rate achievable by each establishment will depend on its exposure to business customers, now concentrated on three days...

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PARIS: Average price difference of 700 euros in the Palace category in Paris, a confusing distinction?

Between 2010 and 2020, the face of the luxury market in Paris fundamentally changed. In 2010, the small group of the most exclusive hotels in Paris had relatively uniform performance. The difference in REVPAR between the first and last hotels in the sample was barely a hundred euros. Between 2010 and 2019, openings and renovation projects doubled the number of rooms and marked a renewal in the history of luxury hotels in Paris.

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How to identify hyper-luxury hotels

It often happens in my practice that I am confronted with preconceived ideas about the hyper-luxury hotel business, especially as regards price, performance, etc. The constants that define this category, which is so visible to the media, are presented below.

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Optimize your investments: hotel Asset Management.

In a fast-changing hospitality world, with constrained revenues and rising operating costs, having a hotel investment expert at your side can make all the difference for achieving your investment goals. To this end, we present a practice that is widely used in the United States and which would benefit from being better known elsewhere: hotel Asset Management.

The Palace: return on investment or return on ego?

The Palace: return on investment or return on ego?

Every time a new prestigious hotel opens, I am asked about the returns earned by investors seeking the Palace distinction in Paris despite the doubling of Palace supply in the city. In order to answer this legitimate interrogation, I start by explaining the profile of these investors (private fortunes mostly from Asia and the Middle East),