Negotiation of an off-plan lease, france, paris, 5*

asset management

In the context of a call for tenders for the lease of a future 5-star hotel, our client—an investor specializing in the hotel industry—entrusted us with the task of assisting him in defining the maximum rent level that the project could bear, identifying the key factors for success of its response, and negotiating the terms of the commercial off-plan lease proposed by the owner of the premises.

Our approach
Sentinel Hospitality worked as part of our client’s project team. We developed detailed operating accounts for a non-standardized project and submitted a rent offer that was accepted by the owner of the building. Sentinel Hospitality then conducted the negotiations concerning the economic terms of the off-plan lease and validated the final contract with the lawyers of both parties.   

Added value generated
Sentinel Hospitality applied its expertise in the real estate and hospitality sectors to the challenges of creating value in commercial leases. The key to the success of our intervention was our ability to complement our client’s project team by providing key elements necessary for a rapid decision-making process with regard to the various challenges posed by the signing of an off-plan lease (future rent level, distribution of charges in a changing regulatory context, definition of the scope of work to be carried out by the client, cost of the work, etc.).