Implementation of a performance management tool in a 5* hotel, Paris

Our client—owner and manager of its 5-star Paris establishment—was facing new challenges: How to effectively evaluate and compare accommodation and catering performance? How to ensure a high level of employee productivity while guaranteeing quality of service and customer experience? How to manage change?

Our approach
Sentinel Hospitality developed an approach dedicated to performance management and change support. To this end, we adapted the OVAR© (Objectives, Action Variables, Accountable Leaders) method, developed by HEC Paris, to the needs and means of hotels with a turnover of more than 5 million euros.

As a first step, Sentinel Hospitality identified a set of objectively comparable establishments. We then proceeded to conduct an audit of key performance indicators. Finally, we identified the levers for optimizing investment (operational and financial levers) and assessed the impact on the value of the hotel.

In a second phase, Sentinel Hospitality helped the hotel’s management team to design of a medium-term vision:

  • Formulating a unifying vision,
  • Determining strategic objectives,
  • Identifying priority action levers in order to achieve these objectives,
  • Identifying the technological issues necessary to support the change,
  • Adapting the organizational structure and the chain of command,
  • Presenting a 3-year budget.

Added value generated
Sentinel Hospitality designed a tailor-made approach to performance management that includes strategy, budget and performance indicators for a small organization that does not have the resources to deploy a permanent in-house performance management team. In addition, our intervention enabled us to guarantee the connection between the objectives and the action variables identified, ensuring collaboration among stakeholders, and avoiding conflicting interests between departments.

The hotel’s turnover increased by more than 35% in the 24 months following the implementation of our recommendations.