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Strategic, Independent, Dedicated,
Sentinel Guards your Hotel Investments

Sentinel Hospitality is a Paris based boutique advisory practice providing added-value services to hospitality investors around Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Our DNA is a combination of Real Estate and Financial expertise dedicated to Hotels and Tourism. Our hand-picked experts are highly respected practitioners having individually cumulated a minimum of 20 years of market practice. Our firm is regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. We pride ourselves on executing our mandates under the highest standards of confidentiality and ethics.

Whether you are seeking to diversify your real-estate portfolio, to drive value from an existing investment or to optimize a project under development, Sentinel Hospitality will strategically guide your choices, efficiently manage your projects and diligently safe-guard your investments.



Acquisition Advisory
"In a niche market offering limited transactional evidence, investors need privileged insights and knowledge, as well as added value advice to support their business plan."
Acquisition Due Diligence
Negotiation Support
Red Book Compliant Hotel Valuations
Hotels represent a small niche of the EMEA Real Estate market which considerably reduces the access to relevant investment opportunities and to accurate transactional data.
Sentinel Hospitality has an in-depth knowledge of the main EMEA tourism destinations, a wide network of industry leaders and a unique expertise in markets with high barriers to entry such as France and Switzerland.
We will guide your decision making process by insuring your investments are in line with your objectives and constraints.
Value Enhancement Services
"From a loose franchise agreement to a strong binding lease, a wide range of contractual schemes are available to manage your hotel property."
Operator Selection
Contact Negotiation
Management Control
When it comes to selecting a hotel management services provider the choice made will have a long term impact on the investment.
Sentinel Hospitality will be your guide through the entire process, from defining the strategy, to selecting and monitoring best-in-class service providers.
Sentinel will safe guard your interests at all time while ensuring your contractual engagements are aligned with your investment strategy.
Strategic Advisory
"Successful hotel projects are a complex mix between creative arts and rigorous processes."
Concept Development
Project Management
Divestment Strategy
We strongly believe that it is during the crucial phase of concept development that the owner faces the most challenges and needs a trusted advisor.
It is indeed at this stage that a lot of value is destroyed and the interests of the owner hindered by the ones of all the numerous actors involved.
Sentinel Hospitality is an independent advisor with proven skills in optimizing architectural design, space allocation and construction cost to insure the highest and best use of your project.
Once your best use concept has matured we will manage your project team to make sure that no conflicts of interest jeopardizes the safe execution of your project.
We have one unique interest: optimizing the success of your hotel investment and maximizing long term value for the ownership.